Good sealing of joints extend the life of the vehicle after repair. Virtually all of the problems with rust oncar start at joints.

This Article   will focus on problems that may cause the old putty, how to remove them, and some types of sealants, which are available on the market. Also described here are some tricks that might be useful in applications.


Disorders of sealants

Poruchy tmelov Disturbance and destruction of sealants may be disastrous. To image the vehicle,which was the last 41 years stored in a humid environment. Putty resigned and allow water to penetrate the welded connections unprotected. Corrosion of welds and plates destroyed and would need to be replaced.

Some places on the car, which were more exposed to corrosion than others, or putty at all. They fared worse, and probably so corroded connections were already wet in the original sealing.

Gradually begin to repair, exchange older (more than 20 years) putty or filler, which are signs of spalling. Old sealant can be removed using a metal scraper and a hot air gun.


Uniform application of sealant

Aplikácia tmeluThe aim is to seal all the glue joints and welds in a car that could potentially cause future corrosion. Any small gap in the seals can release water to the metal and the cement that will rust, so it must be applied very carefully and neatly.

Producers for the past 30 years come to be applied to metal sealant cured coating as it applied directly to metal. Car Refinishing sealant commonly applied to the primer (sealant background) or the zinc basis (90% zinc).

To cementing is recommended to use polyurethane sealant (seal), who used the professional Car Refinishing. This is not possible to abrade, therefore it must be applied precisely and evenly, but it can wipe the paint. Polyurethane sealant is usually performed in tubes by S & uacute; intended for application by Spájanie blatníkov (Bond) gun. On the photo is the same   section, but is smoothed out   .

The procedure for a simple, dip your finger, cloth or brush into the solvent before they go after him sealant. Thinner cause weightand will not stick. For sealants used cellulose-based synthetic thinner, and the synthetic base material is used for thinners.

Some brands may be somewhat impractical in this technique when using cellulosic and synthetic thinner. This causes roztečenie matter.


Combining the wings

  Spájanie blatníkov Some older cars have separate wings. Any deficiencies will leak water, althoughwing that is well sealed and invest on both sides, so all connections must be completely filled shapes and glue.

This technique can be a bit wasteful, as it is used more filler which then must be as smooth in the previous case.






Podvozok The photograph was shot from below the wing above the front wheel before painting. Many cement visible in the pictureis applied through the joints and welds to be achieved perfect seal (triangle in the upper right corner and wrapped the top left curve). Sealant from the bottom prevents water getting to the bottom color on the opposite side of plate.

Putty left up to the lower right corner was used to seal the wing assembly. Excess sealant also polish and wipe the whole joint to prevent water penetration and thus not leaving any space for water, which corroded weld.

Any weld, joint or overlapping sheets is necessary to properly seal.



PrelakovanieIf the putty smoothed using a solvent should be prelakovávať very well. The picture shows the inside of the wing, which was once covered with a layer of cement and 2 times a color.

Putty is recognizable only where lacking space on the edge of the weld flange.





Sanded putty

Brúsiteľný tmel Sanded sealant is cost-effective alternative instead of polyurethane materials (costs about a third of the price) and is rapidly applied. Also can grind to a certain extent, an essential advantage. For conventional services are typically used polyurethane material, because ofpossibility of annihilation, but the less accessible joints underneath the car is better to use a sealant.

The filler is quite sticky and has no durability after opening the cans. Use can also use the modified brush (cut half the length of the bristles), which helped by the smooth appearance.


Other options seals


Never use silicone seal on the car. Silicone is not painted over (it can not be applied or autolack color) and what is worse, it can get into the air and znešistiť other plates on the car, which will also nepretierateľné (Read more about "Rybých meshes" section CORRECTING ERRORS coating).


Putty in tape

This seal is usually wrapped in rolls with paper backing. Suppliedin different materials and can be used to seal the body on the chassis or door seal inserts   into door frames.I t is also very useful for   areas that can not clean up after using the sealant.


Overpaintable seal

Striekateľné seal is often used in car production. Apply faster than sanded putty but requires a special application gun, which can be quite expensive.



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