The technique of applying sealant to the equalization grooves and preparation for painting


The trick is that we will use steel ruler to apply the sealant.


Phase 1: Dispensers

Použitie pravítkaOn the photo is 1-meter steel ruler oriented so we went after him direction zhybu body, where the recess and put it to us highlighted the position of the recess. Ruler must be steel, because steel bends nicely and evenly. Aluminium ruler could be shook.

Between ruler and bodywork can see a gap to be filled putty. Typically, a pencil mark place around the Depression, where it is necessary to apply filler putty.




Aplikácia plniča Filling sealant is applied to the surface using a spatula to classic place, we have identified in advance pencil. Filler (filling cement) is applied to clean bare metal grinding to guarantee sufficient hardness and strength, although modern fillers (filler putty) should hold firmly to akomkoľveto the floor.

Completing the untreated surface color could be problematic - paint sprayed on the surface at zaschínaní absorbed into the cement in a volume due to the surrounding old color and the surface around the filler lines remain in the newly deposited color. With cellulose paint these lines may appear one or two weeks after the paint dries.



Postupné odstraňovanie tmelu When vzhladzovaní sealant for sheet steel body again use a ruler. Slowly and firmly pull a ruler against the loading plate after applying sealant. Most of the photos sealant is removed and there remains only as much as is really necessary. This will significantly reduce the time for sanding metal into the shape required and also reduces wastage of cement - a material (cement) removed a ruler is usable again anywhere on the vehicle.

This technique works great for men & scaron, Ie surfaces (dents). Place for more than 20 cm ruler makes hauling cement around the edge sag under pressure filler. In this case it is necessary to use a ruler and a second time, which will remove excess sealant.


Takmer hotový povrch On the next picture we see the plate luting. In the upper left corner of the depression remained poorly filled, but others should be able to gently grinded almost desired shape / appearance. At refinished recommend using sandpaper roughness with 80, but can also be used according to the hardness and other properties of cement.

Next use the ruler will show places that are too high or vice versa, which has yet to be dotmeliť.







Nanesenie viac vrstiev tmelu Depressions which we tmelili, was poorly completed because it was necessary to apply a few more layers. Sealant applied to only place we have indicated the advance pencil.

But as it turns out, a pencil may be the best way of marking - the glue is very likely not stick to the place where he remained graphite pencil, so it is better labeled alcohol Centropen fixo dents.








Čiastočne obrúsenie tmelu Up until this stage is usually used only by dry grinding. During the application of the sealant formed on the surface of various journalsholes and air pockets that trap water. Water trapped under the coating during the hot days tend to form bubbles that lead to opukávaniu car paints, so it is good to avoid these shortcomings.

We recommend using the grinding grit sandpaper and sanded 80 times sanding block. Hand cut print a variety of sandpaper and can arise čmuhy.







Phase 2: Smoothing

Nanesenie finishovacieho tmelu Filler filler leaves the surface smooth enough for the application of paint, so it needs to be done to adjust and smooth. In addition to the sandpaper scratches on the surface may occur r ô pollution air pockets and other imperfections.

To improve the surface is used finishovací sealant, which is usually applied with the same trowel which they applied filler putty.

This sealant should be applied in the thinnest possible layer over the entire surface dents, therefore, everywhere where the encapsulant sealant used.

Finishovací sealant, however, should never be used for deeper cracks in the filler - for such surface imperfections is necessary to use adhesive residue which was filled dents.


Vybrúsenie finishovacieho tmelu First paper is recommended to grind the surface roughness 240th

In general, grinding blocks sanded more color on the edges (edge) than in the middle, so this case must be sanded with a block at an angle to prevent this effect and also to avoid creating new grooves.

Putty absorbs water, so it should belet it dry at least 24 hours before the start finish applied autolack.






Pripravené na použitie primeru Plates on the sides of the vehicle should be prepared for painting, but it is still necessary to clean the place where the bare metal (netmelené s) resulting from rust. This could arise in the wet grinding or the influence of air humidity. Such rust is usually cleaned 90 grit sandpaper or 100

Repair body to touch seems to be perfect, but in fact is still not suitable for achieving the perfect polish car paints. The next step is to cut off using a spray sealant for filling - primer.




Completing the coated surface

Vyplňovanie časti karosérie s náterom

Council is known to cleanse the body to bare metal, but today it no longer does so because modern cements hold firmly to almost all types of car paints and coatings, which are only cleaned with sandpaper. Pictured is photographed recess, which was completed after applying sealant to the paint.

The biggest risk may be infiltration and trim, especially if you use cellulose paint. The new coating is absorbed into the fill of cement and drying at ambient car paints trim on the edges resulting sealant.

To minimize flashing car paints, it is advisable to grind the cement grit sandpaper then 240 aa in the middle and at the edges of paper with adhesive grind roughness 400th This will also helpe reduce scratches incurred by grinding with coarse paper and which after application and subsequent drying of car paints look really bad.




Filling and smoothing of welded joints

For welded joints, it is normal to the surface start to car paints, when applied after a time of small holes, especially in some types of welding. After welding (weld grinding), hold the light of the bottom plate and top plate to observe whether the welds are not left any holes. These should be in any case dozvarované and complete before you start filling sealant applied, because in the event that they heal from the back side can get water, go under the cement and car paints cause unwanted air bubbles, which would cause opukávanie car paints from steel . Therefore, we recommend that in addition to seal all of the welded seal to prevent the emergence of bubbles through the holes whoRé you have not noticed.



AB profitrade Company, Ltd. in any way be liable for the use of the above instructions and any damage. This is only an auxiliary text.




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