Application of car paints

Lot of time when painting is dedicated to preparing the body for a thorough application of car paints, but most skills are used in applications right car paints.

Relatively expensive you may be output in order painting professional paint shops, where it can be applied in autolack thermally controlled dust-free environment with quality equipment and skilled painters.



Procedure for Application car paints

Dvere po 2 aplikáciach autolaku

The time between the application layer of the first and last car paints should be minimized as much as possible to reduce the possibility of pollution dust car paints and various particles. Time required for drying car paints each layer varies, depending on manufacturer and type of paint, as well as many different applications, car paints (color, type, etc.).. Eg. the plate in the pictureautolack enough to apply only 2-fold. Some car paints bright colors on cellulose-based applications requiring up to 4 paint that has been achieved 100% overlap the underlying color.




Sanding paint

Brúsenie vrstvy autolaku

Decent surface finish and appearance of car paints can only be achieved by applying already paint gun, but many painters car paints layers of sand with fine sandpaper to achieve an even better and smoother surface. Color should be before blending allowed to dry overnight (at least 12 hours), but even in this case depends on the manufacturer of car paints and also the type and composition. In šmirglovaní wet contact paper and place it on a soap, to avoid clogging the paper. After it is necessary to remove all traces of car paints for soap.

For perfectly flat mirror surface is recommended to grind the lapaper to 1200 grit and then polish to shine. This method can help to diagnose faults and shortcomings, which are at car paints, but not always it works.

When painting directly in the manufacture of car paints arises on the surface of fine orange peel. To achieve such an effect is abraded paint paper grit 800, applied the last layer of car paints and then polished.

It should however be careful that you nevybrúsili paint to paste - it can cause problems when applying additional layers of car paints and then require more sanding.



Spraying procedure

Sprejovanie dverí

Procedure for spraying is especially important when paint is applied to avoid spraying the already painted parts. First it should be sprayed closing doors, closing the trunk and inside the engine compartment before starting nanAsat autolack the main body section.

The correct procedure is essential for good painting, but also play a role veľlkú Painter experience with such materials and works, as well as working environment. For more information on spraying and painting can be found in Article error correction coating.



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